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modern hidden doors have evolved dramatically in recent years with advances in hardware & the addition of electromagnetic locks securing rooms the hidden doors are concealing. In the old times, the doors were built on-site taken many craftsmen to create, lots of people involved that knew about the build. Even by today's standards many custom hidden bookshelf door's wall units are built & installed on-site by teams of men, not very secret by any means and very expensive. 

You can buy a relatively inexpensive standard bookshelf door from any hidden door company (including ours) & install yourself, but the problem with most hidden doors you see on the internet, they all have small gaps at the top and/or bottom. They are called swing gaps and without them, a standard door would not operate properly. This can be a huge problem when you are trying to hide something. It's like saying, "Hey, look at my beautiful bookshelf but don't look at the gaps at the top & the bottom, it's just a bookshelf, nothing else to see here....." so what do you do?


introducing hide-a-way door's

The Alpha Door, Hide-A-Way Doors most exclusive hidden door design is now available for purchase online!

"This is not your grandmother's pantry door, this is for the serious prepper!"

Introducing the ultimate design in Hidden Doors, Hide-A-Way Door's Alpha Door. This is not your grandmother's pantry door, this is a design for your serious preppers who's top priority is concealment. Unlike standard bookshelf doors, the Alpha Door does not have swing gaps! No way of telling that this isn't anything other than a built-in bookshelf; add an electromagnetic lock with a battery back up in case the power is cut, and you've got the perfect hidden door.

All Alpha Doors come with 3/4" cabinet grade backing for strength & durability; it's available in every type of wood we supply and fits in any standard opening, some custom sizes are available.

The drawbacks: The Alpha Door is only available in an in-swing door (right or left). Some site work is required by a professional carpenter, and there is a small step over to enter a room. DIY kits are not available for the Alpha Door design.

The benefits: There is no special framing; the unit fits in any standard rough opening. The coolest door on the market, handmade from real wood. No obvious swing gaps. Total concealment. 3/4" plywood backing adds strength & helps with soundproofing. Perfect for concealing gun/ ammo rooms, safe rooms, food storage, etc. Specially designed pivot hinges transfer weight to the floor and not to the jambs making normal operation under heavy loads a breeze. Alpha doors can be customized.

The Best Part: Custom built secrete wall units with hidden doors are usually built on-site by teams of men; a very expensive and time-consuming task. The worst part of that is every one that is involved knows you have a secrete room. Our Alpha Door design is built in our specialty woodshop in Morristown, TN, and ships all over the country and parts of Canada. The Alpha Door comes ready to install in the opening, however, some site modifications are needed. The specific design allows you to run your baseboard trim in front of the door with a small space above the baseboard so you can paint the space the same color as your wall. The stepover is lower than 8" (normal height of a step).

                                     Alpha Doors are a product of Hide-A-Way Doors and are made in the USA.


The Alpha Door- Starting at $795.00

Technical Information

.Constructed with cabinet grade plywood

.Solid wood frame & trim

.Standard hidden door latch system holds the door in the shut position

.3/4" Backing standard for extra support & security

.4-1/2" or 6-1/2" Jambs (jambs fasten to rough opening)

.Swings in 133*

.Framing requirements: normal framing rough opening for your size door

.Pivot hinges transfer weight to the floor, not the jambs

.Door operates smoothly, no need to empty shelves to use

.Can add electromagnetic locks (installed on-site)

.Site work includes drywall mud work, painting, baseboard trim install

.Not available in DIY Kits

.Small step over less than normal stair height

.3 adjustable shelves 2 fixed (can order more adjustable shelves)

.Can add cabinet doors & customize

Ancient Egyptian builders designed their burial chambers with the use of hidden doors to guard against tomb robbers. Hidden doors in the 2nd century AD were used to conceal secret rooms that helped early Christians hide from persecution from Roman authorities during warship. Hidden doors were common in medieval castles hiding passageways providing an escape route during enemy attacks. Prior to, and during the American Civil War, countless runaway slaves hid from detection
behind hidden doors in privet houses better known as the underground railroad.
During Prohibition, hidden doors were the staple to any gangster's Speakeasy. Hollywood has countless movies where hidden doors make an appearance when the main character eludes capture by pulling on a torch or a specific book in a bookcase to reveal a secrete room to hide in or escape from a threat.

Modern reasons for hidden doors are as plenty as ancient ones. The ever changing economy, political uncertainty, safeguarding against disaster, entrance to a safe rooms, gun & ammo rooms, storage rooms, or simply protection from detection. The technology in the construction of the

Never made with MDF!

Trim Options

Crown Molding

Fluted Case Molding

Flat Panel

Raised Panel

Cabinet Doors

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ince the beginning of time and throughout history hidden doors were the first line of defense concealing hidden passageways or secrete rooms. The


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Alpha Doors are now available in Pool Cue & Wine Glass Doors!
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