alpha pool cue door


A door that needs no introduction, Hide-A-Way Doors own

The Alpha Door now available in the Pool Cue version. 

Made from real wood and sporting a 3/4" backing for extra strength, the Alpha Door is specifically designed for concealment. You will not find this door anywhere else! 

The "step over" is part of the door's frame, so there are no special framing requirements needed. The bottom of the frame of an Alpha Door can be blended to look like the wall and adding baseboard across the bottom makes the Alpha Door look nothing more than an inset bookcase. 

The Alpha Pool Cue Door is available only on door widths 30" to 48" wide and comes in your choice of 8", 10" or 12" deep doors. The Pool Cue Door comes in limited heights. 

The Alpha Door can be equipped with Electromagnetic Locks

with your choice 

             Standard Bookcase Door or Alpha Door?

                    Be aware, be sure to compare

                              Standard vs. Alpha

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