A great addition to any home or office, our standard bookcase doors are designed for storage and utility. Constructed from Real Wood, and Handmade in the USA, our doors will provide years of beauty and usage. 

BiFold Doors mount in front of your wall covering your doorway and making the appearance of a traditional bookcase door. A great solution if you are interested in a lager bookcase but have small doorway.


The BiFold Doors come in your choice of 49"- 51"-73" wide. The height of a BiFold Door will sit above your doorway by 7-1/2" for the top track box to mount. When ordering make sure you have enough ceiling height above your doorway. Example: an 80" Tall doorway your bookcase will arrive 87-1/2" tall.

Looking for something more covert? Then check out our concealment doors.


Product Details

Our BiFold Doors are perfect if you are looking for a larger bookcase but have a smaller doorway. The BiFold Door sits on the outside of the wall, not in an opening and is a good alternative to a regular bookcase door. They are available in 49" 61" and 73" wide units. BiFold Doors are 9-1/4" Deep. Important: BiFold Doors are constructed 7-1/2" taller than your door size so the top track mounting box 

can mount to the wall and the unit covers the opening.

BiFol Door Options: