If concealing a room is important to you, then you came to the right place. The Alpha Door is the premier hidden bookcase door that offers total concealment. Specifically designed for concealment, the Alpha Door's unique design hides all tale-tell signed that it is a door. (more info on Alpha Doors below)

Looking for an alternative to a bookcase door but still want total concealment? Then our Mirror Doors are right for you. Upgrade to a see-though mirror backing, and you'll have the coolest door ever!


The Alpha Door

Only available at Hide-A-Way Doors, the Alpha Door is the ultimate hidden door specifically designed for concealment.


Most hidden door companies don't want you to know one thing, their doors are not really hidden at all, that's why they advertise their doors in the open position. Similar to normal doors, bookcase doors need a small space (commonly known as swing gaps) for the door to operate properly, the Alpha Door's unique design conceals the swing gaps making it a true concealment door. 

Standard Bookcase Doors Vs The Alpha Door

Determining which type of door is right for you

standard hidden door
alpha hidden door

Introducing the ultimate design in Hidden Doors, Hide-A-Way Door's Alpha Door. This is not your grandmother's pantry door, this is a design for your serious preppers who's top priority is concealment. Unlike standard bookshelf doors, the Alpha Door does not have swing gaps! No way of telling that this isn't anything other than a built-in bookshelf; add an electromagnetic lock with a battery back up in case the power is cut, and you've got the perfect hidden door. There is no better bookcase door on the market

All Alpha Doors comes standard with 3/4" cabinet grade backing for strength & durability (with an exception to Alpha Doors with one way mirror backing). They are available in all added options that Hide-A-Way Doors provides for standard bookcase doors.

The drawbacks: The Alpha Door is only available in an in-swing door (right or left). Some finish site work is required after installation to make the door blend into the wall and there is a small perminate step over to enter a room (less than the max height allowed for stair steps.) Not intended for high traffic areas.

The benefits:


1. There is no special framing; the unit fits in any standard rough opening and we offer several custom sizes.

2. The coolest door on the market, handmade from real wood.

3. No obvious swing gaps. Total concealment.

4. 3/4" plywood backing adds strength & helps with soundproofing. Perfect for concealing gun/ ammo rooms, safe rooms, food storage, etc.

5.Specially designed pivot hinges transfer weight to the floor and not to the jambs making normal operation under heavy loads a breeze.

6. Alpha doors can be customized.

7. The Best Part: Custom built secrete wall units with hidden doors are usually built on-site by teams of men; a very expensive and time-consuming task. The worst part of that is every one that is involved knows you have a secrete room. Our Alpha Door design is built in our specialty woodshop in Morristown, TN, and ships all over the country and parts of Canada. The Alpha Door comes ready to install in your door opening, however, some site minor site work is needed. The specific design allows you to run your baseboard trim in front of the door that leaves a small space above the baseboard so you can paint the space the same color as your wall. The stepover is lower than 8" (normal height of a step).                                            

Mirror Doors

Looking for an Alternative to a Bookcase Door for hiding a room? No need to look any further, the Mirror Door is what you need. Some site modifications are needed.

The Mirror Door, a true concealment door, available in in-swing and out-swing doors, the mirror door range in size from a 24" door up to a 36" door (fits standard width openings) and stands 76-1/4" tall (outside of mirror frame).

The Mirror Door is a sleek way of concealing a room if you are looking for something other than a bookcase door. Some site modifications are needed if you intend to use the mirror door in an existing door opening. 

-Available in most wood species except paint grade

-Sits above most baseboards

-Out-swing doors come with simple magnets catch

-In-swing doors come with a spring hinge

-Both Mirror Doors can be equipped with EML

-Mirror Doors come with safety backing

-Mirrors can be removed and replaced if necessary

-Also available in see-through mirror & cork board doors

-Out-swing doors come with specially designed hinges (not available for retail).

-Ships anywhere in the US & most of Canada

-Right / Left Hand Interchangeable