FAQ - Terms & Agreements


Terms & Agreements

How Do I Place An Order?


The quickest way to place an order is to click on one of the door options or simply go to our online store page and choose item(s) from the menu. If you do not see the options you are looking for please feel free to contact us by calling 1-(888)-9-Build it (leave off the t), by email: sales@hideawaydoors.com or send a message via our contact page.

Custom Orders Welcomed.


Payment and Shipping


We accept Master Card, Visa, or American express. Any questions or concerns should be directed to our sales department by calling 1-(888)-9-Build it.


Does Hide-A-Way install?


No, unfortunately, we do not install when you

order standard doors. Exceptions are made

for larger custom orders, please call if

you have any questions. You also can

choose from our list of approved

installers, install yourself, or hire an

outside contractor. Hide-A-Way Door

will not guarantee installation from

an unapproved installer. Any

discounts for installations are voided

when hiring outside our approved

installer program. To find an Installer,

please choose the link above. We

do not provide tech support for installations.




Are discounts available for multiple orders?


Some discounts are maybe available for the purchase of 5 orders or more at one time. We need to see the details of the order you are placing to determine if a discount applies. if you are interested in a multiple order discount please email us at sales@hideawaydoors.com

How long does it take to receive my order?


A Hide-A-Way Door is hand build from real wood in our 16 thousand square foot facility in Morristown, Tennessee. All products are made to order; Hide-A-Way Doors does not mass produce any of our products. Standard orders are processed & built in the order they were placed. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing where your order placement will be at the time of purchase. Due to the popularity of our products, normal production times can exceed 4 to 6 weeks excluding weekends & holidays. Some order add on options take longer (paint, cabinet doors, custom sizes, etc.) Production times for standard orders are estimated only and are not guaranteed. Please do not schedule an installer or contractor based on estimated production times. We encourage ordering in advance, however; if your order must meet a certain schedule we suggest placing a rush order. 

Privacy Policy


All orders are privet; Hide-A-Way Doors does not share personal information. We reserve the right to take photos of custom orders and publish them on social media & our website; however, we will never share a client's name or location.


Shipping & Handling


Hide-A-Way doors ship free locally within 25-mile radius of Morristown, TN or you can pick it up at our shop. Shop pickups will be by scheduled appointment by calling or emailing us.


All other orders can be calculated prior to shipping by calling 1-(888)-9-Build It, however, most east cost deliveries cost roughly $195.00 and up depending on your order and where it is being delivered. S&H on an average single doors are in the $195 range; double doors roughly $295 to $325. Pricing does vary.

Shipping to Canada & other parts outside of the continental USA. We ask that you call us so that we can estimate the shipping & customs fee before purchasing.

All orders are delivered inside a cardboard box and crated in wood fastened with T25 screws. Assembled orders are ready to install after they are removed from the crate. The orders when crated can weigh more than 130 lbs.

What is a lift gate service: A lift gate service is an extra service provided by the freight company where the driver will unload your order with a pallet jack. There is an extra $75 fee per unit that we have given the option to our customers to purchase. If you do not purchase the liftgate service, you are agreeing to have a minimum of 2 people to hand unload. If you do not purchase the lift gate service but request the driver to unload or help unload, you agree to pay any extra cost that will accrue

after the fact. 

Large orders are assembled in the shop then broken down for shipping purposes. Typically on double and bi-fold units, the bookcases are removed from the frames and the frames are taken apart in 4 sections.

The freight companies are a separate entity; Hide-A-Way Doors can not guarantee their services.

Please see Sales Terms for more information

Custom Orders & Designing 

What makes an order a custom order?

1. any order that is not of standard door opening height

2. any order that is not of standard door opening width

3. any order that is deeper than 8" or 10"

4. any added features not available on our store page

Question: Do you design for custom orders?

Answer: yes, at your request we can, and will be apart of the final price of your project. On occasions, we may require a deposit.  

Question: Do you build from plans someone else has made?


Answer: yes, however; if there are any changes that we have to make on our end to the design, a price for doing so may be applied

Question: Would you build a wall unit that includes a hidden door?

Answer: yes, we do custom builds that don't include a hidden door as well.

Call us with any other questions you may have.

Does Hide-A-Way Doors use MDF (medium density fiberboard)? 

Answer: Never! All of the products we build are constructed from real wood.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Our website store is set up with a premium credit card processing company (WePay). We are sorry, we no longer accept PayPal. Phone in your order if you wish by calling 1-(888)-9-Build It. All orders are secure, we accept credit cards (Master Card, Visa & AE) and use PayAnywhere company to process the transactions. All local orders, cash or check is accepted.

Returns & Refunds

Order Placements

During the ordering process, it is the responsibility of the customer to communicate in person, online store, email or by phone to Hide-A-Way Doors all of the details of your order.

The customer acknowledges that all orders, once placed are final; it is your responsibility to verify all measurements on your property and compare them to the dimensions listed on this site. Hide-A-Way Doors will not accept responsibility for errors made regarding any order or the measurement of any products that do not meet those specifications listed on this site. No refunds are made for damages sustained in delivery,

please see shipping information below.



Sale Terms

Due to the customized and specialty nature of the products we produce, all orders are considered special orders. When purchasing you acknowledge the unique and special nature of your order and agree that after 24 hours from the date and time of your order, your order will be final and nonrefundable. Once your order is placed, you have the ability to cancel your order within 24 hours subject to a restocking fee equal to 25% of the amount of the cancelled portion of your order. By submitting a final order to Hide-A-Way Doors, you agree to this provision and acknowledge that it is reasonably necessary so that Hide-A-Way Doors can deliver your customized order in a timely manner to your requested specifications. All cancellations must be made via email to sales@hideawaydoors.com If you cancel your order after 24 hours, no refund will be issued unless expressly agreed in writing by Hide-A-Way Doors as provided herein. You acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed on this Site and at checkout, and the provisions of this paragraph and these Terms supersede any oral representation made by any employee, representative, or affiliate of Hide-A-Way Doors during or prior to the placement of your order. Please be aware that if you cancel your order after the 24 hour cancellation window, or if you dispute any charge to your credit card in an attempt to circumvent any provision of this paragraph or these Terms, you will be responsible for the costs incurred by Hide-A-Way Doors in collection of your payment, and that your failure to pay will be reported to all major credit reporting agencies pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Please see below under the Collection Proceedings section for details. You further acknowledge that, if you obtain any Products or access to the Site by fraud or deceit, or if you engage in a frivolous dispute of charges, you may be prosecuted under the criminal statutes of the relevant state.


When you order from Hide-A-Way Doors, you are guaranteed to receive all of the products in new condition without defect.

Shipping information & Damage Claims

The freight company will call to schedule your delivery.


All orders are curbside delivery only and that Hide-A-Way Doors is not responsible for delivering the products to the interior of your home, or to place shipment anywhere other than the curbside. If you make arrangements with the freight company to deliver the products to a place other than the curbside of the address you provide, you agree to be responsible for all additional charges that result and will be billed accordingly.


A delivery lift-gate service fee is billed to HAWD account in the event a driver helps to unload, uses the lift gate and/ or delivers the products to anywhere other than curbside. We have made the $75 fee and option at checkout if you feel you need that extra service. If you chose "No thanks" you have agreed to have two or more people ready to hand unload when the driver arrives. All units are crated, weighing an average of 130 lbs, some over 7' tall. If you had chosen "No thanks" to the extra fee, but then require assistance from the driver or he uses the lift-gate, you are responsible for the $75 fee payable to Hide-A-Way Doors.



Damages are rare, but unfortunately, they do happen from time to time. You will need to know what to do in the event your product arrives damaged to prevent the loss of a damage claim.

All freight companies Hide-A-Way Doors uses to deliver your units are third party entities; Hide-A-Way Doors does not guarantee their services. All orders are inspected at our facility prior to crating for shipment and are guaranteed to be free from defects. Never agree to have a delivery set up where your signature isn't required.

When the product arrives make sure you, or whoever is representing you, takes a moment to look for any visual signs of damages from all sides including the underside.

What to do if there are minor damages to the packaging:

If the products are damaged in shipping you must list any damage on the trucking company receipt, which is labeled “proof of delivery” or “Bill Of Landing” (“BOL”). You have the right, the obligation, and responsibility to inspect the merchandise and to report any defect in the items immediately to Hide-A-Way Doors. If you accept the items from the freight company and sign the BOL without giving notice of defect to Hide-A-Way Doors and annotating the BOL, the items are considered delivered and accepted as is and Hide-A-Way Doors will not be liable to you for any later claim that the items were damaged at the time of delivery. You further acknowledge by signing for the merchandise without giving notice to Hide-A-Way Doors of any defect, that damages to the items will be presumed to have occurred after delivery. By using this site and/or purchasing the merchandise, you agree to the foregoing, understanding and acknowledge that this policy is reasonably necessary because of the nature of the merchandise.

What to do if there are major damages to the packaging and/ or product:

If the shipment has noticeable damage to the packaging you have the right to inspect the product. Please note that the packaging can sustain heavy damage but the product sometimes can be free from damages. Upon inspection, you find heavy damages to the product you have the right to refuse the delivery. When refusing delivery the product will be returned to our facility for further assessment. When receiving merchandise and sign to accept it, you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to inspect the product(s), from all sides for visible damage, and by signing and/ or accepting the package(s) you waive any right to return the products as damaged.

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