Our Roots:


Thank you for your interest in Hide-A-Way Doors. Hide-A-Way Doors, a subsidiary of ALL WORK CONTRACTING SERVICES, located at 1931 E. Morris Blvd. Morristown, Tennessee, derived from a custom build for a client. ALL WORK, well known locally for designing and custom building had received a customer order for a hidden door with customer specific details; "design it so there are no obvious signs this is a door."


Soon after completing this build it was decided to redesign the hidden door so that it could fit into any standard size door opening and allowing customers to choose add on features. The great thing is our Hide-A-Way Doors can ship anywhere in the country, world if necessary.


We quickly learned that the Hide-A-Way Door has many awesome usages, and not just for the covert. The ladies love the Hide-A-Way Door because it takes an otherwise boring useless space of a door opening and creates a beautiful and functional storage unit. Guys love the extra security for safes and panic rooms or the coolest entries to their man caves.


We are currently expanding on our design to allow more add on features such as dish racks, wine glass holders, rotating pantry rack, glass shelves, even lighted cabinetry.


ALL WORK has always been known for top quality as is our specialty custom woodshop now known as Hide-A-Way Doors.


Further information about ALL WORK: http://www.allworkcsi.com - facebook.com/2allwork & check our A+ rating on Angieslist.com


Any questions or comments please call us at 1-(888)-9-Build it or sales@hideawaydoors.com 




Have a design idea or specific need? We can custom build to suit your needs! We can even

help you draft your idea. Just give us a call 1-888-9-Build it (just leave off the t)

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