Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Our website store is set up with a premium credit card processing company; sorry we no longer accept PayPal. Phone in your order if you wish by calling 1-(888)-9-Build It.


All orders our secure, we accept credit cards (Master Card, Visa & AE), for local orders cash or check is accepted.

Returns & Refunds

Order Placements

Durning the ordering process, it is the responsibility of the customer to communicate in person, online store, email or by phone to Hide-A-Way Doors all of the details of your order.

The customer acknowledges that all orders, once placed are final; it is your responsibility to verify all measurements on your property and compare them to the dimensions listed on this site. Hide-A-Way Doors will not accept responsibility for errors made regarding any order or the measurement of any products that do not meet those specifications listed on this site. .


Sale Terms

Due to the customized and specialty nature of the products, all orders are considered special orders. You acknowledge the unique and special nature of your order and agree that after 24 hours from the date and time of your order, your order will be final and nonrefundable. Once your order is placed, you have the ability to cancel your order within 24 hours subject to a restocking fee equal to 25% of the amount of the cancelled portion of your order. By submitting a final order to Hide-A-Way Doors, you agree to this provision and acknowledge that it is reasonably necessary so that Hide-A-Way Doors can deliver your customized order in a timely manner to your requested specifications. All cancellations must be made via email to  If you cancel your order after 24 hours, no refund will be issued unless expressly agreed in writing by Hide-A-Way Doors as provided herein. You acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed on the Site and at checkout, and the provisions of this paragraph and these Terms supersede any oral representation made by any employee, representative, or affiliate of Hide-A-Way Doors during the placement of your order. Please be aware that if you cancel your order after the 24 hour cancellation window, or if you dispute any charge to your credit card in an attempt to circumvent any provision of this paragraph or these Terms, you will be responsible for the costs incurred by Hide-A-Way Doors in collection of your payment, and that your failure to pay will be reported to all major credit reporting agencies pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Please see below under the Collection Proceedings section for details. You further acknowledge that, if you obtain any Products or access to the Site by fraud or deceit, or if you engage in a frivolous dispute of charges, you may be prosecuted under the criminal statutes of the relevant state.


When you order from Hide-A-Way Doors, you are guaranteed to receive all of the products in new and undamaged condition.


All doors ship from Hide-A-Way Doors are crated and completely protected during delivery. All orders are curbside delivery only and that Hide-A-Way Doors is not responsible for delivering the products to the interior of your home, or to place shipment anywhere other than the curbside.  You may make arrangements with the freight company to deliver the products to a place other than the curbside of the address you provide, you agree to be responsible for all additional charges that result.  

When receiving merchandise and sign to accept it, you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to inspect the product(s), and you waive any right to return the products as damaged. If the products are damaged in shipping you must list any damage on the trucking company receipt, which is labeled “proof of delivery” or “Bill Of Landing” (“BOL”). You have the right, the obligation, and responsibility to inspect the merchandise and to report any defect in the items immediately to Hide-A-Way Doors.  


If you accept the items from the freight company and sign the BOL without giving notice of defect to Hide-A-Way Doors and annotating the BOL, the items are considered delivered and accepted as is and Hide-A-Way Doors will not be liable to you for any later claim that the items were damaged at the time of delivery. You further acknowledge by signing for the merchandise without giving notice to Hide-A-Way Doors of any defect, that damages to the items will be presumed to have occurred after delivery.  By using this site and/or purchasing the merchandise, you agree to the foregoing, understanding and acknowledge that this policy is reasonably necessary because of the nature of the merchandise. 

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