Hide-A-Way Double Door, there's no better entry to that mancave!

The double door is great for larger openings and provides massive amounts of storage space. The Double Door fits any standard opening of your home; have an opening that isn't standard? No problem we have custom sizes now available for purchase online!

Be careful not to confuse our doors with other companies; all of our doors are handmade using only real wood-Never MDF! We handpick only the finest materials available to use and each order is personally made, never mass-produced.

Important: Doors larger than 48" are not shipped pre-hung so that you are able to get

the units into your home. Some assembly is requiered.

Door Anatomy

Swing Direction

Standard Wood Types

Red Oak
Soft Maple

Special Order Wood Types - (must call for pricing)


Hide-A-Way Doors offers five basic types of readily available wood, paint grade, pine, poplar, oak and maple.

Paint Grade: Made from finger-jointed pine, paint grade is the cheapest grade we carry. Paint grade comes primed white from the manufacturer and has some imperfections. Less as dense as other woods we provide, paint grade scratches and dents easily. Units shipped unfinished may need more coats of primer as the joints are glued and sanded smooth, we do not apply primer for DIY finishes. Paint grade does not take stain but is fine to patch and paint.

Clear Pine: Sometimes called #1 pine does not have knots and can be painted or stained (with the use of soft wood conditioner). Pine is very soft and scratches and/ or dents easily. Clear pine is somewhat expensive but for the most part is readily available.

Alder: *A relative of Birch, Alder has a reddish-brown tint with a fairly straight grain pattern. Knots and checks are common with Alder, so people looking for a rustic looking door choose Alder. Alder, because of the rustic knotty look, doesn't accept paint all that well and is better to be stained or clear coated. 

Poplar: *Poplar is a harder wood than pine or paint grade but is still considered a softwood. Poplar accepts paint very well and is stronger than pine but has dark color variation making poplar not optimal for staining. Poplar is readily available but slightly more expensive than pine.


Red Oak: Oak is an extremely hard, readily available, dense hardwood that has very little knots. Oak has uniform grain patterns and stains extremely well.  

Maple: Sometimes hard to find and expensive, maple usually lists as a softwood but is very strong and doesn't dent or scratch as easy as pine or oak. Maple has fine grain patterns and even colors throughout making it perfect for woodworking projects & cabinet making. Maple takes stain extremely well making it perfect to stain. Maple can be stained to look like other more expensive wood like hickory, walnut, or cherry.

Other Species: We can order just about any species of wood if you would need to match existing furniture or other bookshelves you may have. The more expensive species, cherry, hickory, walnut, etc have less of a demand so we do not keep them in stock. 


Special orders please call 1-(888)-9 Build It.

Production Timeline

Current order volume: Extremely Heavy

Before you order, learn more about:

standard order production timeframes (click here)

placing a rush order (click here)

*Some species such as Alder & Poplar have substitute plywood components. Case, crown and face moldings are the exceptions. 

Trim Options

We offer two basic types of trim case molding that work well with the Hide-A-Way Doors, Flat & Fluted. We do not provide case molding for the rear side of the bookshelf doors. Typically customers like to match that with existing style

of case moldings.

Case Flute Molding
Flat Case Molding
Crown Molding

Back of doors

Swing details

Open Out Doors

Open out doors without cabinet doors open out about 110* Doors with cabinet

doors attached open out 90*

Open In Doors

Open out doors without cabinet doors open out about 110* Doors with cabinet

doors attached open out 90*

Finish (paint, stain, clear coat)

Finished vs. Unfinished: if you decide to order a DIY kit or decided to finish (paint, stain and/ or clear coat) yourself, your order will come roughly sanded. We suggest a hand sanding with 220 grit sand paper prior to finishing. When you choose us to finish your order it will arrive 100% complete and ready to install.

Standard paint colors are Semi-Gloss White or Black

Stain Chart

It is important to understand that when matching a color to existing furnishings in your home, that we can not

guarantee a perfect match. It helps when ordering to input manufacturer & color numbers in the custom field

of the order form.

Cabinet Doors

A nice addition to a Hide-A-Way Door is a cabinet door. Hide-A-Way Doors offers two standard types of doors, Raised Panel & Flat Panel. We can accommodate other custom option at request.

Cabinet doors can be installed on the upper and/or lower Hide-A-Way Door.

Locking Options

Mechanical Lock -

-Simple key entry mechanical locking mechanism. This can be installed in shop or choose DIY KIT and install yourself


Electro-Mag w/ Key Pad

-combine this stylish key pad entry with 600 psi electro magnetic lock


Electromagnetic key fob kit
Electromagnetic biometric kit

Hide-A-Way Doors - Special Offer

-600 psi electromagnetic lock

-2 key FOBs

-LED push to exit button

-Machined stainless steel mounts

Was $295.00   Now for a limited time

                      $50.00 OFF!!!

Electro-mag & Biometrics

-combine this stylish key pad entry with 600 psi electro magnetic lock


Keep Your Door Locked even if the power goes out or someone cuts it off- Your Door Will Stay Locked!!!

Battery Backup Power

-Keep your hidden room locked even when the power goes out. Offers hours of additional security

Was$350.00 Now Only $295.00

All orders come with an adjustable mechanical self latch that mounts on the lower inside of the bookshelves side. When the bookshelf is in the closed position, the latch holds the door snugly to the case molding trim. A simple nudge (for inswing doors) or slight tug (for outswing doors) is all it takes to

operate. Note: The latch does not lock the door in place.

So, why buy from HAWD?

-We are a family owned and operated business
-We build our products from real wood, never MDF!
-We hand pick only the finest materials available to us
-Our doors are handmade, never mass produced
-We custom build
-We offer standard & concealment doors
1-888-9-build it

(leave off the t)

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