Door Mechanics


Swing Direction

WARNING: Not all door manufacturers

determine the swing of the door exactly the same. Avoid confusion and possible ordering mistakes by learning how we determine the swing directions.


Pass-Through Clearance

Information: A bookcase door needs a certain about of space within its own frame in order to operate properly. The left over space is called "Pass-through clearance." Lear about pass-through clearances for both In & Out swing doors and the required distances from any adjacent walls. 

Framing Requirements

Information: Rough opening (RO) requirements for all doors we manufacture are similar to 

conventional doors. To lear more about framing & other requirements please click on "More Information" below



Information: Learn about the anatomy and terminology of a door, for more information click below.


Latching & Locking

Information: (photo to the left) is a mechanical latch supplied with all bookcase doors (excluded on mirror doors). This is attached after installation. (photo to the right) is a thumbprint opener. Locking systems for all doors are an upgradable option. To learn more about the two, please click "More Information" below.