Determining your rough opening size can be confusing, especially for someone that has never measured or ordered a door before. When developing the Hide-A-Way Door, we wanted to keep things as simple and as close to a regular interior door as possible to limit confusion. 


Below are two basic charts that should help you determine your door size based on your Rough Opening (RO). The first chart is for 

Single, Double, Attic and Alpha Doors, below that is the framing & RO specs for Mirror Doors. 

RO chart.jpg

Mirror Doors Only:

Framing chart Mirror Door

The framing chart above is for Mirror Doors only and is based on a standard 82" tall RO. Using an existing door opening, you will need to frame a small wall at the bottom of the opening and install drywall (or whatever type of wall covering is in your home). Finish off your opening before installing your door (drywall mud & tape, then paint). 

Tall baseboard: The framing requirements for a mirror door are based on a standard height opening with a standard-sized baseboard. Some homes have taller than normal baseboards; before ordering you may want to measure your baseboard and call us. We can custom-build a smaller mirror door so your framing can be taller in order for the door to clear the top of your baseboard.

Taller than 82" existing RO?: The mirror and frame outer measurements on the height is 76-1/4." While we do custom sizes, we

normally do not like to build taller than 76-1/4" because of stability. On larger door openings you might have to frame from the top down to achieve your standard 82" RO.