Understanding Hide-A-Way Doors Production Lead Times

Every order is very important to us! The attention to detail required to build fine furniture takes time & effort. All of our products are handmade from real wood, each unit is unique and made to order which means we do not mass produce. When you purchase from HAWD, you are getting top-quality craftsmanship as you would expect from a custom cabinet shop.


Due to the popularity of hidden doors and the products we produce, order volumes are normally high. We ask that you please read about how our time-table works prior to ordering as to limit any confusion in the future and suggest ordering as much in advance as possible to offset production. Every order is important to us, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your order experience and limit any surprises. 

                                              GENERAL PRODUCTION TIMEFRAME FOR REFERENCE ONLY:

CURRENT ORDER VOLUME (Bookcase Doors): HIGH (Rush options available)


Minimum of 35 production days (excluding weekends & holidays)- no finish UPDATED 06/14/22

Minimum of 45 days down from 50 production days (excluding weekends & holidays)- w/ finish UPDATED 06/14/22

Minimum of 50 days down from 60 production days (excluding weekends & holidays)- CUSTOM BUILDS Update 06/14/22

PRODUCTION RUSH Guaranteed 14 days (without finish) 21 days (finish optional)*

                    . Can not guarantee the exact time in which an order will complete in production

                    . Can not guarantee our production timeframe will match your installer's schedule

                    . Please do not schedule installation until after you have received shipping conformation

                    . Can not rush an order 24 hours after purchase

                    . Refunds are not available 24 hours after purchase

                    . Lead times are fluid and subject to change without notice




Minimum of 20 production days (excluding weekends & holidays)- no finish UPDATED 05/17/22

Minimum of 35 production days (excluding weekends & holidays)- w/ finish UPDATED 05/24/22

Rush Orders


14 Day Rush option, excludes weekends and holidays, is available for all products without finish and is guaranteed*. This option is for production only and does not include shipping timeframes. 

21 Day Rush production rush, finish optional

*25% value of the rush portion of your order refunded if we miss the deadline from 1-5 days; If we miss a rush by more than 5 business days we will refund you the cost of the rush plus 10% off of the orders price (excludes custom orders & 1 way mirrors which are outsourced at the time of purchase).