Lock options

& Mechanical latches

The first step in concealing a room is by installing a Hide-A-Way Door, the second is keeping people out of your room. Hide-A-Way Doors have several options to help you do that. 

Bookcase Doors (single, double, attic & alpha)

     1. Mechanical Key Lock

     2. 300psi Electromagnetic Lock

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

BiFold Doors

     1. Unfortunately, locking systems are not available for BiFold Doors

Mirror Doors

A. Out-swing Mirror Door

     1. 120psi Mini-mag

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

B. In-swing Mirror Door

     1. Electronic Strike

          a. key fob opener

          b. key pad opener

          c. biometrics (thumbprint)

1. mechanical Key Lock

The mechanical key lock is located just above the fixed middle shelf (opposite side from the hinges) and just the face frame trim. The lock is only accessible from the front side of the bookcase; the location can be hidden by placing something in front of the lock to conceal it from view.  The actual locking mechanism is attached to the side of the bookcase as seen in photo #2.


2. 300psi Electromagnetic Lock

We provide a 300psi Electromagnetic lock for all of our bookcase doors. 110v power supply must be near the location of where you are installing your bookcase door. Mounting the lock will be determined on-site and based on the location in proximity to your closest power source. Mounting instructions can be found in the installation manual found on the Resources page.

A.1 120psi Mini-Mag Locks for Out-Swing Mirror Doors

Available only on the Out-Swing Mirror Doors only, the 120psi Mini-Mag can be paired with any of the openers we provide for the 300psi Bookcase Door locks (seen above).

B.1 Electronic Strike

When you order your In-swing Mirror Door with the Electronic Latch, we precision mill the mounting slot in the door's jamb. We install 

a door catch in the door. It is extremely difficult to retro-fit an electronic strike, so be sure to order it with your In-Swing Door if you decide you want to keep it locked. The In-swing Mirror Doors also come with a spring hinge that automatically shuts the door. The latch is "fail-safe" which means that if the power goes out, the lock disengages. The lock can be paired with a battery backup system if you wish to keep the latch locked in the event of a power outage. 

Plug & Play - Battery Backup System (NEW)
  • Reliable battery backup with silent fan-less design

  • (8) outlets total - (4) battery backup and surge protection outlets, (4) surge protection only outlets (5-15R outlets)

  • Uninterruptible power supply compatible with most modems, routers, monitors, TVs, laptops and some desktop computers (simulated sinewave output when your equipment is supported by battery) and EML systems

  • Data line surge protection for your wired network devices (10/100 Mbps RJ-45 surge protection)

  • 3-year warranty on the UPS system and internal battery (user-replaceable), plus a $25,000 load protection guarantee


Mechanical Latch

All bookcase doors, except BiFold Doors, come standard with a mechanical latch. A simple mechanism, seen below, attaches to the side of the bookcase door opposite side of the hinges at the bottom edge of the door. We do not attach this at the factory because of the likely hood of damages in shipping. Please see our resources page for installation. Extra latches can be purchased below and mounted to the tops of the doors to help hold the tops in if the door doesn't seat properly. 


Ordering Locks: Please order your locks using the same order form when placing your door order. The order form below is for ordering locking systems after the fact.