Trick out your new Hide-A-Way Door with one of our sleek locking options. We offer two basic types of locking systems for our bookcase doors, 300psi Electromagnetic Locks & Mechanical Key locks. 

Bookcase Doors: Our Electromagnetic locks are rated for 300psi of force and come with three opener options as seen below.  Key FOB, Key Pad and Biometric thumbprint technology; for more about electromagnetic locks, see below.

Power supply for all three Electromagnetic locks are all standard 110v. Power supply for the EML should be in close proximity to the door. 

Key FOB openers come with 2 power packs, 2 key FOBS, 1 receiver, 300PSI EML,  Exit buttom

Key Pad openers come with 1 power pack, card and key openers, key pad, 300PSI EML, exit button

Biometrics comes with 1 power pack, programmable thumb reader, key card and key openers, EML, exit button

*EML are not installed at the factory, they must be installed on site.