The Mirror Hidden Door, for those who seek a true concealed door.  Constructed from the finest hand picked real wood materials, our mirror doors are perfect for concealing a hidden room. A great alternative from a bookshelf door, our mirror doors are made with 1/8" safety glass & a solid wooden frame, and removable back panel.

The out-swing mirror doors are equipped with specially designed, heavy duty hinges that allow for flawless operations. Out-swing mirror doors come with a simple magnet latch, the in-swing doors are equipped with an adjustable tension center spring hinge that keeps the door shut. Locking options are now available for both swing doors.

We now offer multiple standard sizes, both swings are interchangeable between left

and height hand swings.


Out-swing hinge system
Electromagnetic Locks

Able to hold over 150lbs each, our specially designed hinges for out-swinging mirror doors perform flawlessly under heavy loads. The hinges move the door away from the wall as the start to turn.

*We do not sell hardware separately 

Add an electromagnetic lock (latch) to your hidden

mirror door to keep it secure. All other doors are

supplied with magnet latches to hold the door shut

but will not keep them locked on their own.

*Retro-fitting Electromagnetic latches on In-Swing mirror doors are extremely difficult and time-consuming; they are far easier to do while your in-swing door is being built. Careful planning and consideration is advised. Please contact us if you plan to retrofit a 
locking mechanism on an in-swing door.

Pass through clearance

Example: A 28" wide Mirror Door, not unlike standard doors, has a clearance of 28" from jamb to jamb. A 28" Mirror Door fits into a 30" opening. Note: it is suggested that

before carrying furniture or anything large through the opening to unbolt 4 bolts on the hinges (out-swing) and removing the mirror to prevent damage. Likewise on the

in-swing door's 3 hinge system.



Our mirror doors are designed for total obscurity. All other standard hidden doors have small "swing gaps" that allow the door to operate properly. Standard doors are more for utility then they are to hide a room. The exception to this is Hide-A-Way Door's Alpha Door & Mirror Door. Alpha Doors are only available in in-swings, mirror doors are both in and out swinging.

The mirror doors we sell require some minor site work to make them look as if they are nothing more than a mirror hanging on a wall. Our mirror doors fit any standard existing or newly constructed door opening; for standard
82" rough opening you will need to frame a small wall across the bottom of
your doorway not less than 74-1/2" between the header and the wall you build. You will need a minimum 2-7/8" of wall space above the baseboard trim to the top of your framing for the unit to fit.

Cork Board Door

Instead of mirror get your door with cork!

Great for movie posters, shopping lists but

even better for hiding a room!