Looking for an Alternative to a Bookcase Door for hiding a room? No need to

look any further, the Mirror Door is what you need. Some site modifications are needed.

The Mirror Door, a true concealment door, available in in-swing and out-swing doors,

the mirror door range in size from a 24" door up to a 36" door (fits standard width

openings) and stands 76-1/4" tall (outside of mirror frame).

The Mirror Door is a sleek way of concealing a room if you are looking for something

other than a bookcase door. Some site modifications are needed if you intend to use

the mirror door in an existing door opening. 

-Available in most wood species except paint grade

-Sits above most baseboards

-Out-swing doors come with simple magnets catch

-In-swing doors come with a spring hinge

-Both Mirror Doors can be equipped with EML

-Mirror Doors come with safety backing

-Mirrors can be removed and replaced if necessary

-Also available in see-through mirror & cork board doors

-Out-swing doors come with specially designed hinges (not available for retail).

-Ships anywhere in the US & most of Canada

-Right / Left Hand Interchangeable 


Product Details

Looking for an alternative to a bookcase door to conceal a room? The Mirror Door is a sleek way to keep prying eyes away from your treaures. The Mirror Door requiers some site framing and drywall work. The Mirror Doors are available in 24" (min) to 36" (max) widths and stands 76-1/4" tall. All Mirror Doors come standard with safety glass and is also available in See-through mirror. Mirror Doors are not available in paint grade materials 

Mirror Door Options: