Alpha Mirror Doors

New and Improved Design!
The Old Way

When your top priority is to hide a room and keep it hidden nothing beats out Alpha Bookcase Doors or our Mirror Doors. In order to maintain a complete level of concealment, a hidden door can't have seams at the top and bottom like a conventional or Standard Bookcase door.

The Old Design: in order to use our Mirror Doors for concealment you used to have to frame in a lower portion of your existing door's opening and install drywall so that the Mirror Door had a wall to close on. This was crucial in order to make the mirror doors appear like nothing more than a mirror hanging on a wall. 

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Improved Design

We are excited to announce the all-new and improved Mirror Door design. We have combined the ultimate and unique Alpha Door design with our original Mirror Door in late September of 2021. 

Our original Mirror Door design required our customers to prepare their door openings to accept the units by framing a lower wall across the door's opening and drywall. This is a lot of extra work just to be able to own a hidden mirror door. The solution to this had been staring us in the face the entire time, the Alpha Door Design!


Alpha Bookcase Door


Alpha Mirror Door

The New Way
Simple Installation

1. Simply remove your existing door and frame

2. Remove baseboard from both sides of the door's opening

3. Slide the new Alpha Mirror Door into the opening

4. level the unit and fasten the frame to the opening

5. Drywall tape and mud small seem at the bottom between the door's frame in the wall

6. Apply 2 top coats, allow time to dry and sand smooth

7. Paint the bottom of the door's frame the color of your wall

8. Install new baseboard across the bottom of the door and you are Done!


Short install video


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Product Details - NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN!

Looking for an alternative to a bookcase door to conceal a room? The Mirror Door is a sleek way to keep prying eyes away from your treaures. The Mirror Doors are available in 18" (min) to 40" (max) widths and stands 76-1/4" tall. All Mirror Doors come standard with safety glass and is also available in See-through mirror. Mirror Doors are not available in paint grade materials 

Mirror Door Options: