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The Alpha Door is where it all began for Hide-A-Way Doors, and the Double Alpha Door masters larger areas. Alpha Doors take on so many shapes, Pool Cue Alpha, Wine Glass Alpha, standard Alpha Door, and The Alpha Mirror Door. Add see-through mirror backing (super cool trust me) and you'll have the ultimate in a true hidden door. Make no mistake about it though, if you want to conceal a room with a large opening, this is your door.

*Warning: This is a true concealment door, its sole purpose is to conceal a room such as a closet, bonus room, cold room, etc, this product is not intended for main entranceways or high traffic areas.

The Drawbacks: The Alpha Door's specific design necessary for total concealment is not intended for main entrances or high traffic areas. Alpha Doors are only available in an in-swing door (right or left). Some minor site work is required (small drywall seam patch where the frame meets the wall), and there is a small step over roughly to enter a room roughly 6-1/2" high. The Alpha Door, only available from Hide-A-Way Doors, is specifically designed for concealing a room, if concealment isn't necessary we suggest our standard bookcase doors which doesn't present room entry restrictions.

The Benefits: Coolest door on the market, handmade from real wood. No obvious swing gaps (standard doors have small spaces at the bottom and top for outswing doors). Total concealment. 3/4" plywood backing helps with soundproofing & security. Perfect for concealing gun/ ammo rooms, safe rooms, food storage, etc. Specially designed pivot hinges transfer weight to the floor and not to the jambs making normal operation under heavy loads a breeze. Alpha doors can be customized.

The Best Part: Custom built secret wall units with hidden doors are usually built on site by teams of men; a very expensive and time-consuming task. The worst part of that is every one that is involved knows you have a secrete room. Our Alpha Door design is built in our specialty woodshop in Morristown, TN, and ships all over the country and parts of Canada and when it arrives, it's ready to install with just 1 helper!!!


Width: 48" (min) 72" (max)

Height: 70" (min) 96" (max)

Depth: 8" or 10" (ask about 12")

Backing: 3/4" or See through mirror

WARRANTY: All Hide-A-Way Doors are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Alpha vs Standard: Learn which type of door is best for you: Alpha vs. Standard | Hide-A-Way Doors (

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*All Double Doors / BiFold Doors larger than 48": Only on double bookcase doors larger than 4' door size, the frames (4 pieces) are partially disassembled and shipped in 3 separate containers so that they are easier to maneuver into your home or office, it also cuts down on shipping costs. The frames are easily reassembled on site, here is how: Double Door assembly - YouTube

The Hide-A-Way Doors way: Our bookcase sides, shelves, and adjustable shelves are made from cabinet grade plywood made from real wood, all of our trim case molding, face frames, threshold, jambs, and moldings are made from solid real wood. Real wood is better than MDF, but don't take our word for it? For more on our stock wood types or to see our strength test MDF vs WOOD: Wood Types | Hide-A-Way Doors (

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