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Our BiFold Doors mounts on the surface of your wall taking the appearance of a normal bookcase sitting in front of your wall. A great solution for people that are looking for a larger bookcase for extra storage but have a smaller door that a double door won't fit into. The BiFold Doors come in your choice of 49"- 51"-73" wide. The height of a BiFold Door will sit above your doorway by 7-1/2" for the top track box to mount. When ordering make sure you have enough ceiling height above your doorway. Example: an 80" Tall doorway your bookcase will arrive 87-1/2" tall.

Specially designed hardware allow for smooth, flawless operations even under weight, no need to empty shelves to open the door. You can chose whether your door folds to the right or to the left. BiFold Doors come with 3 adjustable shelves per side (6 total) and 1 fixed middle shelf per side.

*BiFold Doors larger than 48": the jambs with the case molding attached are detached from the threshold and header prior to shipping so that the unit can be shipped and for the ability for the customers to easily bring the unit into your home. They are reattached simply by fastening the provided screws through each jamb and into the threshold & header after the unit is brought into your home.

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Production Lead Times for this item: Currently a minimum of 3 production weeks for non-finished, and a minimum 4 production weeks for finished units Disclaimer: standard, non-rush production times are estimated and not guaranteed. Production times are directly affected by the number of previous orders placed and the amount of details of each order. Rush orders are guaranteed in 7 days (non-finish) and 14 days (finish optional) excluding weekends and holidays. Be sure to check up on current lead times production | Hide-A-Way Doors (

MDF vs Real Wood

Know what you are buying when you buy from a competitor

MDF & the reasons we do not use it at Hide-A-Way Doors: MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, a commonly used material by some manufacturers to maximize their profitability. MDF usually comes with a “wood like” veneer to make it appear like real wood. Less expensive than natural wood, MDF binders in the glue resin usually contains urea formaldehyde which is a toxic chemical used to strengthen the material. MDF does not hold up well in humidity, it is weaker it does not hold screws or nails very well. MDF lasts a fraction of the time that real wood does. Real wood grain patterns are like fingerprints, each are unique, but MDF with wood like veneer is man-made that has an unnatural uniform appearance.

The Hide-A-Way Doors way: Our bookcase sides, shelves, and adjustable shelves are made from cabinet grade plywood made from real wood, all of our trim case molding, face frames, threshold, jambs, and moldings are made from solid real wood. Why take our word for it? Do the research for yourself MDF vs Real Wood.

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