Hidden Bookcase Door 36"x 80" Red Oak Single Mount with cabinet doors

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Brand: Hide-A-Way Doors

Hidden Bookcase Door 36"x 80" Single Mount


Width: 36" (38" RO)

Height: 80" (82" RO)

Depth: 8"

Backing: 1/4"

Material: Red Oak (made with real wood- not MDF)

Trim: Flat with Crown

Finish: Clear Coat

Cabinet Doors: Lower Raised Panel

WARRANTY: All Hide-A-Way Doors are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

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PASSTHROUGH CLEARANCE: The amount of walk through space commonly known as "Passthrough Clearance" should be considered before purchase. All of our bookcase doors can be removed from their openings to allow extra room to move large furniture to and from a room. To review the passthrough clearance on our most common size bookcase doors: Passthrough Clearance | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

SWING DIRECTION: Each company may have a different view on how to determine the direction in which your door opens, so don't guess at it, review our swing direction chart to make sure you receive the right door for you. Swing Direction | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

Check current production lead times: Production lead time | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

*All Double Doors / BiFold Doors larger than 48": Only on double bookcase doors larger than 4' door size, the frames (4 pieces) are partially disassembled and shipped in 3 separate containers so that they are easier to maneuver into your home or office, it also cuts down on shipping costs. The frames are easily reassembled on site, here is how: Double Door assembly - YouTube

The Hide-A-Way Doors way: Our bookcase sides, shelves, and adjustable shelves are made from cabinet grade plywood made from real wood, all of our trim case molding, face frames, threshold, jambs, and moldings are made from solid real wood. Real wood is better than MDF, but don't take our word for it? For more on our stock wood types or to see our strength test MDF vs WOOD: Wood Types | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)


We ship nationwide & most of Canada. All shipments are curbside only by one of the top three rated freight companies. Transit time fluctuates between 3-5 days but is not guaranteed. You may pick your door up at the facility or schedule your own delivery service by choosing "pick up" at checkout. All residential deliveries are calculated for curbside delivery only, you are responsible to pay for any changes that result in extra cost, such as but not limited to inside deliveries. Failure to pay for extra charges due to delivery changes will be reported to the credit bureau. The freight companies reserve the right to refuse to traverse long or narrow driveways if requested. Liftgate service is prepaid by HAWD which pays for the driver's time and equipment to lower the product to the ground, it does not cover delivering the product anywhere other than curbside. All freight companies associated with HAWD are third-party entities, Hide-A-Way Doors does not guarantee their services including delivery times.


For more information on measuring, installation, wiring, locking please visit our How to/ Resources page: How to/Resources | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

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