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The Double Door (French Door) is the perfect touch for any mancave entrance and is the best way to take advantage of larger openings. All of our doors have specially designed hinges that operate flawlessly under heavy loads; Constructed from real wood, never MDF, our doors are heavy duty designed and built to last. Standard Bookcase Doors are designed for utility and storage, not intended for concealment. Please see Alpha & Mirror Doors if concealing a room is desired.


Width: 48"

Height: 80" (Standard)

Depth: 8"

Backing: 1/4"

Material: Red Oak (real wood/ not MDF)

Finish: None

Trim: Fluted Case & Crown

WARRANTY: All Hide-A-Way Doors are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Alpha vs Standard: Learn which type of door is best for you: Alpha vs. Standard | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

Locking Options: Locking | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

*All Double Doors / BiFold Doors larger than 48": Only on double bookcase doors larger than 4' door size, the frames (4 pieces) are partially disassembled and shipped in 3 separate containers so that they are easier to maneuver into your home or office, it also cuts down on shipping costs. The frames are easily reassembled on site, here is how: Double Door assembly - YouTube

The Hide-A-Way Doors way: Our bookcase sides, shelves, and adjustable shelves are made from cabinet grade plywood made from real wood, all of our trim case molding, face frames, threshold, jambs, and moldings are made from solid real wood. Real wood is better than MDF, but don't take our word for it? For more on our stock wood types or to see our strength test MDF vs WOOD: Wood Types | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

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