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Alpha Mirror Door

Got a room to hide? Then we've got the door for you! Hide-A-Way Doors Hidden Mirror Doors! There is not a sleeker way to hide a room than with our Hidden Mirror Doors. Constructed from real wood, and safety glass mirror, our doors are supported with special heavy duty hinges. Our Hidden Mirror Doors when in the closed position appears to be nothing more than a mirror hanging on the wall; just what you want for a hidden room. Our exclusive, all new design means no special framing is required! Not to be confused with our bookcase mirror door called the "Reverse Door" which has a mirror front and a bookcase rear see more details: reverse-door | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

*WARNING This is a true concealment door, its sole purpose is to conceal a room such as a closet, bonus room, cold room, etc, this product is not intended for main entranceways or high traffic areas.

WARRANTY: All Hide-A-Way Doors are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

(NEW DESIGN) Framing & Rough Opening info:

No longer any special framing requirements, Rough Opening is the typical 2" wider and 2" taller than the door size

How to measure for your door: How to/Resources | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)


Width: 18" (min) to 40" (max)

Height: 78" (min), 80" *standard) or 82" (max)

Swing: In-swing / Out-swing, left or right hand (see chart)

Backing: Mirror, Carboard, See-Through Mirror

Locking Options: Electronic Strick with 1000 foot-pound force

Lock openers: Key Pad, Key FOB, Biometric Thumbprint technology


No assembly required, installs in minutes!

Locking Consideration

Mirror Doors come with locking as an upgradable option. All in-swing Mirror Doors are equipped with adjustable hinge springs that will keep the door in the shut position. Locking mechanisms for in-swing or out-swing mirror doors (electronic strike) should be installed during fabrication; please take upgrading to an electronic latch into consideration during purchase; retrofitting lacking mechanisms is very difficult and not guaranteed if not installed at our facility.

Avoid common ordering mistakes: be sure to see our swing direction and pass through charts before ordering.

Swing Direction | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)

Passthrough Clearance | Hide-A-Way Doors (hideawaydoor.com)


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