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This door was a production extra, it is in a box ready to be crated and shipped within 2 days without modifications

Attached is actual photo of the unit


Width: 36" (38" RO)

Height: 80" (82" RO)

Depth: 8"

Jamb: 6-1/2"

Material: Red Oak

Backing: 3/4"

Trim: Flat

Swing: In-swing Right

Color: Stained Cherry

Cabinet doors: none

Regularly: $1,618.45 Now: $250 Off!!!

Product is crated and ready to ship in two business days or less without modifications

MDF vs Real Wood

Know what you are buying when you buy from a competitor

MDF & the reasons we do not use it at Hide-A-Way Doors: MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, a commonly used material by some manufacturers to maximize their profitability. MDF usually comes with a “wood like” veneer to make it appear like real wood. Less expensive than natural wood, MDF binders in the glue resin usually contains urea formaldehyde which is a toxic chemical used to strengthen the material. MDF does not hold up well in humidity, it is weaker it does not hold screws or nails very well. MDF lasts a fraction of the time that real wood does. Real wood grain patterns are like fingerprints, each are unique, but MDF with wood like veneer is man-made that has an unnatural uniform appearance.

The Hide-A-Way Doors way: Our bookcase sides, shelves, and adjustable shelves are made from cabinet grade plywood made from real wood, all of our trim case molding, face frames, threshold, jambs, and moldings are made from solid real wood. Why take our word for it? Do the research for yourself MDF vs Real Wood.

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