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Every order is very important to us; the attention to detail required to build fine furniture takes time & effort. When you purchase from HAWD, you are getting top quality craftsmanship as you would expect from a custom cabinet shop. All of our products are handmade from real wood, units are made to order which means we do not mass produce. Because of the popularity of our products, order volumes are usually high. Except for rush orders, each door is constructed in the order it was placed. Antisipating the exact time it will take for your order to complete and ship can be extremely difficult. The timing your order takes to complete is directly affected by your order's details and the details of all the orders that were placed prior to yours. We do our very best to stick to the advertised production times, however; production timeframes are not a guarantee. Current production times are estimated, they are ever changing based on orders and are posted to give the customer a sense of how long a standard (non-rush) order will take to complete in the process.


1) Due to heavy order volumes, we request all inquiries be conducted via the form below.

     a. all replies to status updates will be sent to the email listed on your order usually on the same day, but no longer than 24hours.

2) Standard orders are processed and assembled in the order they were placed

3) Current lead times are a minimum 4+ production weeks for non-finish and a minimum of 5+ for finish

   a. orders go into the system the next business day after the order is placed.

   b. weekends & holidays are excluded and one production week is considered 7 nonconsecutive days

   c. we do not guarantee standard order time-frames 

   d. because of the volume of orders we process, it is near impossible to know the exact time-frame that a standard order will be completed in

4) Rush orders are guaranteed in either 7 days (no finish) or 14 days (finish optional) excluding weekends & holidays

5) Once an order is placed we can not push it past orders that were placed prior to your order

6) We do not guarantee that our production time will match up with your installer's time-frame; if the timing is critical we suggest placing a rush order.

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