Order status inquiries

Greetings valued customer,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your business, we sincerely appreciate it! We are so fortunate to have a growing business and enjoy working with all of you very much. We know that if you are requesting a status update for your order that it is likely that you have been waiting some time for your order to complete. We apologize for the wait, we know that can be frustrating. Here is some information that can help you understand the process and when to expect your order: 

Every order is handmade from real wood, and because we offer so many different options for and sizes for each order, we do not have the ability to mass-produce our products; each order is custom made. At the time any one order is placed there are already well over a hundred fifty orders placed prior to yours. Since the timing of your order depends on the details of your order, and all the orders placed before yours, judging the exact timing your order takes to complete is extremely difficult. 

1) Due to heavy order volumes, we request all inquiries be conducted via email or the form below: Please do not call.

     a. all replies to status updates will be sent to the email listed on your order usually on the same day.

2) Standard orders are processed and assembled in the order they were placed

3) Current lead times fluctuates between 7 and 8 production weeks

   a. orders go into the system the next business day after the order is placed.

   b. weekends & holidays are excluded and one production week is considered 7 nonconsecutive days

   c. we do not guarantee standard order time-frames 

   d. because of the volume of orders we process, it is near impossible to know the exact time-frame that a standard order will complete in

4) Rush orders are guaranteed in either 7 days (no finish) or 14 days (finish optional) excluding weekends & holidays

5) Once an order is placed we can not push it past orders that were placed prior to your order

6) We do not guarantee that our production time will match up with your installer's time-frame; if the timing is critical we suggest placing a rush order.

About the process: 


HAWD works very hard to stick to time-frames, however, it is near impossible to calculate an exact day your order will be completed. The store's online software that HAWD uses is an outside affiliate and is not custom-tailored for Hide-A-Way Doors products. After an order goes into our system, the only option the software has is "processing." When your order updates from "awaiting processing" to "processing" that means we had received your order, looked over the details for any potential mistakes then send it off to the shop. Once a work order is received in the shop it will wait its turn to be cut on our state of the art CNC machine. After your order moves through the assembly process it either heads to the finishing department or to the inspection and shipping area. When your order ships, the software will update your status to "Shipped" and you will receive an email from us with the subject line, "Important shipping info" with your order number on it. It is very important to read the entire email so you will know what to do in the event there are damages to your order.

About Shipping:

After your order clears inspections it gets crated up for delivery. We then schedule freight trucks to pick up your order. You will be alerted twice, once by the online system, and again via email that has the shipping & tracking information. The freight company will call to schedule a delivery time for residential deliveries. The freight companies are a separate entity, HAWD does not guarantee their services, which includes scheduling, and order placement. Shipping damages are rare but they do happen occasionally. The day your order ships we will send you an email with the subject bar, "Important shipping info HAWD order #......." The email explains what you will need to do in the event there are shipping damages. The timing to report shipping damages is critical so Please be sure to read that email in its entirety so you are aware of the necessary steps to take if your product

arrives damaged. 


1) Have your order number ready to leave in your voicemail or subject bar of your email

2) Please leave your first and last name of the person who placed the order

3) Please leave the phone number that was used when ordering

A standard 36 inch x 80 inch door can be over 88 inches

long and overy 44 inches wide weighing over 182 pounds.

Please be sure to have 2 or more helpers when moving

the unit. 

Please visit us on facebook and instagram where once a week we publish a series called "Around the shop this week." 

                                                                               We value your business!

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