Pass-Through Clearance

Pass-Through clearance is the space left over after the bookcase is fully opened. Because of the size and depth of a bookcase door

and the mechanics on how they operate within their openings, the remaining space or "pass-though clearance" is determined by several factors (see charts below). An In-swing door opens in without obstructions to about 120* while and Out-swing door opens out to about 90.* 

All bookcase doors can be removed from their openings to create more space to move large furniture through the openings

Out-Swing Doors Jamb (wall) depth requirement: Min 4-1/2" (no max)

In-Swing Doors Jamb (wall) depth requirement: Min 4-1/2" - Max 6-1/2" for deeper wall depths here


Deeper Wall Depths (In-Swing Doors)

An In-swing Bookcase door swings slightly past the back corner of the jamb creating a pinching issue on walls deeper than 6-1/2" (standard depth of a 2x6 framed wall with 1/2" drywall on both sides).

By adding (1) 2x4 for an 8" deep door, or (2) 2x4s for a 10" deep door you can make an In-Swing Door work on deeper walls. The width of the door will have to be smaller.


Here is an example of how you can still make an In-Swing Door work on deeper walls: