Home Security with a Hidden Door

A Secret Door provides extra security for your Home

As they say, "A locked door only keeps the honest person out of your home," so is true that a hidden door isn't just for the wealthy. Hide-A-Way Doors is breaking the common misconceptions that hidden doors are only for castles, mansions, and speakeasies.

Because of technological advances, and standardized home building over the past fifty years, it no longer takes a team of people working on location to build a hidden door wall unit. The less people working on your home means less people know you have a something to hide. Secret hidden doors are now made in factories at a fraction of the cost as their predecessors. Now more affordable, hidden doors are available to regular people looking for extra security within their homes.

"A professional thief is looking for a quick score, to be able to get in and get out," declares retired police offer Ron Kramer. He adds, "items of value hidden about the house have less of a chance they will be discovered by a criminal looking to keep his presents in your home at a minimum." "There is a very good chance a burglar would overlook what appears to be

a built-in bookcase rather than taking a chance of getting caught by spending extra time and creating unnecessary noise attempting to jimmy open a locked hidden door even if it were discovered," Kramer states.

The Alpha Door receives top marks for concealment

Gold Medal Winner of the 2022 Skills USA Regional Finals, the Alpha Mirror Door provides a sleek new way of keeping your valuables hidden in plain sight.