Rush options explained:

All of our products are handmade from real wood, each unit is made to order, we do not mass produce. A standard unit normally takes about a day or two to assemble and another couple days to paint or stain, however; due to the popularity of our products, order volumes are normally high. At any time an order is placed there are already over a hundred orders ahead of yours; sometimes it takes weeks to even get to your order. On occasions, there have been situations where an order was placed in the evening on the same day where ten orders were placed prior. All standard, non-rush orders are built in the order it was placed. The direct timing a standard order takes in production can not be anticipated because the timing is directly affected by your order's details and all the orders that were placed before yours. Standard order time frames are not guaranteed. 24 hours after placing an order it is considered final and you won't be able to place a rush on that order. 

When planning a project it helps to order your door weeks in advance to offset our production schedule, but what if you don't have weeks? We know you need your door, so we have created two different rush options to guarantee you get your order delivered in time.

Production days:

Excludes weekends and holidays

7 Day Rush:

You place a seven day rush on a Friday, your order goes into our system the next business day (Monday) and starts the 7-day production schedule. There are five production days in that week including Monday, your order is guaranteed to ship the following Tuesday. 

A 7-day rush does not include finish paint or stain. Anything considered custom i.e. non-stocked materials, a custom
feature or design or anything that has to be ordered that delays the rush time frame will


14 Day Rush

A 14 day rush excludes weekends & holidays. Finish is accepted on 14 day rush jobs. ​

Rush Option