Shipping Terms


Hide-A-Way Doors to be able to get you the best prices on shipping lanes from our facility to your order's destination, Hide-A-Way Doors has shipping accounts with three major freight carriers, Old Dominion, Estes & Saia. The freight companies are third-party entities, and Hide-A-Way Doors DOES NOT guarantee their services. You may use your own shipping company if you wish, in which case you will need to place your order

s if it were to be picked up, then let us know in customer comments that you will be arranging for a shipping company to retrieve your order.   




1) Our products are big, bulky and heavy. Never uncrate without a helper & always exercise extreme caution in unpackaging and moving the units. We are not responsible for damages or injury due to improper handling. Our crates are fastened with T25 deck screws; it is helpful to have a screw gun with the correct tip available when the shipment arrives to inspect (the driver will not wait so prepare ahead of time).


2) Inspect your order for missing parts and damages IMMEDIATELY! When the product arrives make sure you, or whoever is representing you takes a moment to look for any visual signs of damages from all sides including the underside. If your unit has internal damages the freight company will not accept any claims after five business days. DO NOT THROW PACKAGING AWAY UNTIL YOUR ORDER IS INSTALLED. Take several photographs, including zoomed out and full shots of the packaging.


3) Your address & work order number were written on the box in black marker, it is also

the front side (or finished side)of your order. Make sure when unboxing/ uncrating

that information is facing up when laying the order on its back.


4) Freight companies are a third-party entity; Hide-A-Way Doors does not guarantee their services, which includes transit timing, schedules, or placement of shipments anywhere other than curbside. All orders are inspected at our facility prior to crating for shipment and are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects. Order refunds are not available for products damaged in delivery. Never agree to have a delivery set up where your signature isn't required (subject to change due to the coronavirus). Freight companies have a strict protocol for goods damaged in shipment that must be followed or they will deny the claim; Hide-A-Way Doors are not financially responsible for any denied claims under any circumstances.     


5) All orders are curbside delivery only and that Hide-A-Way Doors is not responsible for delivering the products to the interior of your home, or to place shipment anywhere other than the curbside.  If you make arrangements with the freight company to deliver the products to a place other than the curbside of the address you provide, you agree to be responsible for all additional charges that result and will be billed accordingly.  


The following photos are examples of the two methods we use to ship our products:


The photo to the left is an example of how we ship oversized bookcase and mirror doors. The photo on the right illustrates how all other products are shipped. These are the only two methods we use; if your order arrives in any other form, there is a good chance it was damaged in shipping and further inspection by you is warranted. 





Damages are rare, but unfortunately, they do happen from time to time. We know how frustrating it is when your product arrives damaged. The freight company is a third-party entity, and HAWD does not guarantee their services including payment on damage claims. They can be difficult to work with, so you will need to know what to do if your product arrives damaged in order to avoid the loss of a damage claim. When the product arrives make sure you, or whoever is representing you, takes a moment to look for any visual signs of damages from all sides including the underside.


MAJOR damages to the packaging and/ or product:



If the shipment has noticeable damage to the packaging, you have the right to inspect the product. Notify the terminal manager if you are not given the time to inspect the product for damage or refuse the delivery altogether. Please note that the packaging can sustain heavy damage but the product can sometimes be free from damages. Upon inspection, you find damages to the product you have the right to refuse the delivery. When refusing the delivery, the product will be returned to our facility for further assessment. When receiving merchandise and sign to accept it, you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to inspect the product(s), from all sides for visible damage, and by signing and/ or accepting the package(s) you waive any right to return the products as damaged. Hide-A-Way Doors is not financially responsible for items damaged in shipping or to cover loss claims. 


MINOR damages to the packaging:



At the time of delivery, you notice MINOR damages to the packaging or product but decide not to refuse the delivery, you must list any damage on the trucking company receipt, which is labeled “proof of delivery” or  “Bill Of Landing” (“BOL”). You have the right, the obligation, and responsibility to inspect the merchandise and to report any defect in the items immediately to Hide-A-Way Doors. If any driver does not afford you the time to inspect, ask to speak with their terminal manager. If you accept the items from the freight company and sign the BOL without giving notice of defect within 5 business days to Hide-A-Way Doors and annotating the BOL, the items are considered delivered and accepted as is and Hide-A-Way Doors will not be liable to you for any later claim that the items were damaged at the time of delivery. You further acknowledge by signing for the merchandise without giving notice to Hide-A-Way Doors of any defect within 5 business days, that damages to the items will be presumed to have occurred after delivery.  By using website and/or purchasing the merchandise, you agree to the foregoing, understanding and acknowledge that this policy is reasonably necessary because of the nature of the merchandise.


Question: What happens when I refuse a delivery?


Answer: The freight company will inspect the damages and return the product back to HAWD usually taking

a few days to receive. When your order arrives, we are obligated to inspect, document, then determine if

it can be repaired or if it will need to be remade. We will assign someone to your order right away to limit

the turnaround time. 


Question: What happens if I decided to keep the order and have someone repair it for me?


Answer: You must report the damage to HAWD within 5 business days of receiving the product along with 

an estimate for the repairs preferably on a company letterhead. Detailed photos of the damage & full photos of the packaging needs to be submitted right away. The repair estimate must be reasonable and following repair cost guidelines that can be found on our website which states $75 first hour, $50 each additional hour with most minor repairs can be done in less than two hours. The estimate should also reflect 10% cost-plus on materials. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the freight company's denial of your claim. HAWD is not monetarily responsible for denied claims. Hide-A-Way Doors, reserves the right to deny an estimate for any reason.



All shipping damage claims should be reported to Hide-A-Way Doors immediately via email



Reporting damages to HAWD you'll need the following:


1) Photographs of the damages

     a. 1 zoomed out

     b. 1 zoomed in

     c. photos of all the packaging materials in full view


2) Contact info

     a. Order number in the subject bar

     b. Name, phone & address on the order


     c. Date the order was delivered 




A delivery lift-gate service fee is billed to HAWD account in the event a driver helps to unload, uses the liftgate, or assists in removing the product from the back of the truck. We have made the $50 fee and option at checkout if you feel you need that extra service. If you chose "No thanks" you have agreed to have two or more people ready to hand unload when the driver arrives. All units are crated, weighing an average of 130 lbs, some 

over 7' tall. If you had chosen "No thanks" to the extra fee, but then require assistance from the driver or he uses the lift-gate, you are responsible for the $50 fee payable to Hide-A-Way Doors. Hide-A-Way Doors is NOT responsible for deliveries to anywhere other than curbside; if you request the driver to deliver the product anywhere other than curbside, the freight company will charge HAWD and you will be responsible for that charge. Failure to pay for extra services may be sent to collections. All payments can be made by contacting us at 888-928-4534 or by Check:


Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC

325 S. Sugar Hollow Rd

Morristown, Tn 37813 


By accepting our terms and agreements prior to check out, you acknowledge that you have read our shipping terms and agree that any deviation from these terms constitutes in noncompliance. You further acknowledge that the shipping company is a separate entity responsible for any damages caused from the process of sending your unit from our facility to your location, and will not fault Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC in the event that your claim is denied due to noncompliance. Timing is of great importance. The freight company will deny any claim not properly filed in the appropriate timeframe set forth in these terms.