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Standard out-swing bookcase door
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Alpha Doors are a product of Hide-A-Way Doors and made in the USA.

Hidden Doors are all the rage these days. A bookcase door creates extra storage in an area that is normally wasted space. Several companies, including ours, offer many types of doors to suit almost every need.


Unlike us, other companies won't tell you about one little drawback that standard bookcase doors have. The drawback is so minor that most people wouldn't even pick up on it unless concealing a room is important to them. Take a close look at a normal interior door. The bottom of the door sits up off the floor so that it will open properly and not drag on the floor. Now, look up at the top and you will see a small seam between the frame and the top of the door. That is known in the industry as swing gaps. A Standard bookcase door, just like a normal door, requires those small spaces for it to operate properly. Other "hidden door" companies don't want you to know about that because they don't have the Alpha Door design like we do, this is why they advertise their doors in the open position which makes the seems less noticeable.  


Choosing between the Standard Bookcase Door and an Alpha Door depends on what you intend to do with the door. Most people do not care about concealment, they buy a Standard Bookcase Door because of the beauty and for the extra storage. 

Question: So why don't you sell only Alpha Doors instead of Standard Doors?

Answer: The simple answer is because there are drawbacks to total concealment doors that would discourage a person who doesn't care about concealing a room from purchasing a door.  

Standard Bookcase Doors

The Benefits:

-Installs in minutes

-Easily customizable 

-Plenty of add on features

-Available in all standard sizes

-Creates extra storage in an otherwise useless space

-Less expensive than true concealment doors

-Does not share Alpha or Mirror Door drawbacks 

-Made of real wood and is a beautiful addition to any home or office

-Can move large heavy objects in or out of  room after the door is installed

The Drawbacks:

-Noticeable swing gaps can be problematic if total concealment is desired

-Creates a pinching problem if attempting to cover swing gaps 



The Alpha Door, only available from Hide-A-Way Doors. 

Our unique design conceals the necessary swing gaps important when you are trying to fool the prying eyes. The Alpha Door's step over is constructed right into the frame of the door, so there is no need for any complicated and expensive framing. 

All Alpha Doors come standard with 3/4" plywood for extra strength and soundproofing. The 6-1/2" built-in step over is tall enough to fit most side baseboards under but lower than maximum building codes for the height of a step, making stepping over the entrance easy. 

The Alpha & Mirror Doors were specifically designed for total concealment. After the units are properly set and the walls are finished and painted, the Alpha Door blends in nicely taking on the appearance of nothing more than an inset bookcase.

The Alpha Door

The Benefits:

-Only available from Hide-A-Way Doors, the Alpha Door isn't overly mass-produced.

-Only door like it on the market

-Swing gaps are totally concealed

-Sleek and beautiful look of a product handmade from real wood

-Available in all types with plenty of add ons and upgrades 

-Standard 3/4" backing for extra strength and soundproofing

-Available in sizes 24" - 48" (single) and 4'-7' (double)

-Can add an electromagnetic lock to the Alpha Door



-The stepover can be a deterrent for someone that is not interested in concealing a room

-After the door is installed it's a permanent fixture of the wall, so getting large heavy items like safes need to be installed before the Alpha Door is put into its opening.

-Some site modifications needed, drywall tape small seams at the bottom between the door and the opening. 

-Slightly more expensive than standard bookcase doors

What type of Door is right for you?

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