Determining the swing direction that you want can be confusing. We base our swing direction from of 30 years in building construction and base this off of normal interior residential doors. Hide-A-Way Doors can not guarantee what other manufacturers determine their swing direction to be so please familiarize yourself with how we determine and manufacture our doors. 

Tip: The easiest way to determine a swing direction is to imagine your back in the doorway against the side where the hinges will be attached to and ask yourself, will the door swing to the right side of my body (Right Hand Swing) or to the left (Left Hand Swing). Is it an open in or open out? The finish side of the bookcase or mirror is the front. If you push it to get into a room that is an open in, if you pull the door to open it that is an open out.

Warning: Careful consideration for the swing direction, particularly between open in and open out, is recommended. Changing the swing direction after the fact is nearly impossible to do on site and most of the time the frame & case molding will need to be remade.