The name "hidden doors" is an industry standard for a bookcase door. Hidden doors are extremely popular 

right now because there are so many uses for them. There are several hidden door manufacturers producing bookcase doors all with one thing in common, they won't show their doors in the closed position because most hidden doors have to have "swing gaps" for them to operate properly and they don't want you to know that. 

The standard bookcase doors we offer, seen below, are intended for utility and storage and have the necessary "swing gaps" but if you are looking for a door that is truly hidden, look no further. You need the Alpha Door! Exclusive to Hide-A-Way Doors, LLC, the Alpha Door does not have swing gaps. Check out all the features we offer with the Alpha Door.

For more information on standard doors, please click on the pictures

Single Doors

Fits openings from 24" to 48" wide

Double Doors

Fits openings from 4' to 6' wide


BiFold frnt.jpg
Fits openings from 4' to 6' wide
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