A beautiful addition to any home or office, our standard double bookcase doors are designed for storage and utility. Constructed from real wood, and handmade in the USA, our doors will provide years of beauty and usage. Our specially designed hinges transfer the weight down to the floor instead of the jambs like normal doors will.

Double Bookcase Doors are perfect for larger openings ranging from 4' to 6' wide, some custom sizes are available. Looking for more concealment than a standard double bookcase door? Check out our Alpha Door line up. 


Product Details

Perfect for any mancave, and designed for larger openings from 48" to 72" our Double Bookcase Door is American Made and handcrafted from Real Wood. Double Doors are available in 8, 10 or 12" deep units and range in size from 70" to 96" tall. 

Double Door Options: